Terms of Business

Cancellations of lesson by the pupil must be made 24 hours before the time of the lesson or the normal lesson fee will be charged.

Cancellation of a Lesson by the Driving School/Driving Instructor 

a) If by reason of a vehicle failure, dangerous weather conditions or other emergency, a lesson has to be postponed at short notice, an alternative appointment will be made with mutual consent. If the postponement is a driving test, the instructor will be responsible for the test fee if it cannot be cancelled within the required time, regardless of the client’s continuation of lessons with the instructor. Clients will appreciate that it may not always be possible to notify cancellation if a breakdown occurs on the way to a lesson. 

b) If it is suspected that a pupil may be unfit to drive due to the effects of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise) or any other condition that would cause his/her driving to be illegal. In such circumstances the lesson fee will be payable.

c) Driving tests take priority over lessons, therefore, pre-booked lessons may have to be cancelled or postponed if the instructor receives short notice of a driving test appointment. 

d) Except as provided for in a) above, the school will give notice of rearrangement or postponement of a lesson within the same time limit as the instructor imposes upon a client postponing or cancelling a lesson. 

e) Tests must only be booked with my agreement at a mutually suitable time. I reserve the right to withdraw the availability of my vehicle if I feel, for whatever reason that it is not appropriate for you to take the test.

School/Instructor Guarantee

a) The school/instructor guarantees that only legally authorised instructors will give tuition. 

b) Instructors’ official authorising documents will be displayed on the windscreen of the car, and may be inspected freely at any time. c) Clients may be accompanied on their lesson by a supervising examiner, whose job is to ensure that the tuition given meets the required standard. This is a legal requirement and is in the public interest. 

Lessons in Own Car  

Lessons may be given in a client’s own car if the instructor is willing to do so, on condition that it is clearly understood: 

i) The car is fully insured for teaching for reward - and this must be confirmed, in writing, by the vehicle underwriters. 

ii) The instructor is covered by such insurance to drive the car - to be confirmed as above. 

iii) The instructor can in no way be held liable for any damage or accident.

While the instructor will make every effort to prevent the client having an accident, or damaging the car, it will be realised that their control is very limited. If clients wish to have lessons in their own car then a second rear view mirror must be provided for the instructor.

In view of the extra responsibility entailed, there will normally be no reduction in lesson charges. 

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